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Frequently Asked Questions

Does a Bluetooth tracker really work?
Yes, but you have to use the right product and you have to know how the principle works. A Bluetooth tracker is different from a GPS tracker, but not less handy/effective. It is a much cheaper solution than a GPS tracker and you use it in a different way.
There are many Bluetooth trackers for sale. These aspects are important for an effective use: quick connection between tracker and app, a stable connection to be able to search, enough range (is limited by the Bluetooth technique, walls, ceilings), a stable app (needs to keep on working in the background). And the right functionality next to standard features like the alarm on the tracker: share with others, the right registration of the last known location. And also important a significant battery life.

After years of experience with different Bluetooth tracker products I have chosen Chipolo. This tracker ticks the box on all points. It is not just a gadget, it is really useful on a daily basis. The range is still about 20 meters in situations with obstacles (but can be up to 100 meters under ideal circumstances as proven in the video below) between phone and Chipolo. With a circle of 20 meters around your phone you reach a range of 40 meters wide. The item you search for can be left or right. You cover a 40 meters wide area which is sufficient. Walls and ceilings limit the effective range, meaning you normally don’t get much further than the 40 meters. You need to have a connection between phone and tracker to be able to ring the alarm on your Chipolo. If there is a connection this gives an indication you are close. When the distance is more, it will take longer before the actual connection has been set up and you will have situations that your connection will be broken again. So walking around is the most effective way to search.

If you are not able to find your item, you mark it as lost in the app so you get a notification (even if you don’t have the app open anymore) when they are within reach; other Chipolo users in general and people you have shared the Chipolo with can also trigger an update of the location. So sharing a Chipolo with friends and family gives a high chance to get your item back. Test it yourself, not satisfied, send it back.

There is a Youtube movie where 2 of the most known Bluetooth trackers are tested. The Chipolo Plus model (no replaceable battery) is put to the test, but it works the same as the more popular Classic (replaceable battery):

From the same vlogger there is a movie where the range of Chipolo and Tile are tested and Chipolo reaches a 100 meter range without obstacles and interference:

The maximum battery life of the Classic is around 9 months. For the Plus it is a year. If you often use the alarm and the Chipolo is often not in range, the battery will last less than 9 months. When the battery is empty, an icon is displayed with the Chipolo. Then the battery lasts between a week and 3 weeks. You can replace the Classic battery yourself, type CR2025. With your finger or a knife you open the Chipolo on the side at the notch. After replacing the battery it take some time before the icon goes away. The Plus and Card are water resistant and have a custom battery. Therefor there is a renewal program where you replace the complete unit via the app, directly with the manufacturer (see next item).

How does the Renewal program work for Chipolo Plus and Chipolo Card?

The renewal program works via the app. You can choose a Classic instead of a Plus when you do the renewal.

  1. You get a notification that the Chipolo has to be replaced and you receive a discount code.
  2. Order a new Chipolo and link it to the app and remove the device that will be replaced (see manual).
  3. The new Chipolo has a return envelop to send the old Chipolo free of charge to the Chipolo manufacturer.
  4. The cost is € 17,50 for the Card and € 12,50 for the Plus.