Keychain tag with Findercode (Dutch + English)


The keychain has a unique Findercode. Hang the keychain on your keys, bag, backpack etc. It is a low cost alternative to the Chipolo. No technique, only a Findercode. The keychain is made of plexiglass and has two languages, Dutch + English. Bulkprice: 1 t/m 4 = € 5,- p/p | 5 or more € 4,50 p/p. The bulk price will automatically be calculated in the end-price on the bottom of the shopping card. Read the full product information below.



Hang the keychain tag on your keys, bag, backpack etc.

The keychain tag has a Findercode. There are no subscription costs.

The keychain is made of plexiglass and had 2 languages, Dutch + English.
The ring is made of hardened steel.


Sleutelhanger Keychain NL overzicht_


Sleutelhanger Keychain ENG

Dimensions 63 x 25 mm and 5 mm thick.

In the order proces you create an account. When delivered, the code on your products is already linked to your account so you are directly ready to use them.
When you are logged in, there is a menu item ‘My products’ where your products and their codes are listed.

In ‘My products’ you can add a text that is displayed when the finder has filled out and submitted the form. If the finder may know you or the owner of the item, it can give information that directly leads to giving the item back to the owner. For example ‘this key is from Sofie’ which can give a friend or colleague the right clue. Or you can just say ‘Thank you for reporting my item’.
You can add additional email addresses where you can receive a message on from the finder. You can also add a remark for yourself for every key chain so you know which item belongs to whom.