iTraq3 WiFi + gps tracker


iTraq3: a unique tracker: GPS, WiFi and CELL-ID, long battery life, accurate location updates indoor (based on WiFi) and outdoor, worldwide en with many configuration settings. Rent (contact us) or buy. Read the full description below.


Accurate positioning to get location info. Use it to track people and your belongings. This is not a standard live tracker to know a location at all times. Updates are triggered by schedule (fastest update frequency is every 10 minutes). But it can also be triggered by movement, fall and temperature which does give the actual status. As long as there is movement, you get live update information. This working principle saves the battery.

A unique tracker: long battery life, outdoor but also accurate indoor positioning , worldwide with many setting options. Buy or rent (for rent or buying bigger numbers, contact us).

Standard GPS trackers have short battery life (a couple of days) meaning a limited use. Also standard GPS systems do not have indoor positioning (GPS does not work indoors; for this, iTraq3 uses positioning through WiFi which is very accurate).

For companies an API is available.

iTraq3 has a Findercode. There are subscription costs for the built-in SIM card which send the location information to the app.

iTraq3 is the solution when you want to know where people or belongings are.
The three ways iTraq3 determines a location combined with a very long battery life makes it unique:
1) GPS when iTraq3 is within reach of satellites.
2) WiFi when iTraq3 can establish a connection with a WiFi network (the location of WiFi networks is registered in a central database and gives very accurate information on the location). When iTraq3 is within reach of satellites and WiFi, WiFi is used, to save the battery.
3) Cell-id if method 1 and 2 are not possible. This method is not accurate (depends on the concentration of GSM masts) but gives an indication of the location.

The iTraq3 is successfully used to track people with Dementia and Alzheimer to better secure their safety. All location updates are saved so you can follow the track.

Because it is not always necessary to use GPS for positioning, the iTraq3 has a much longer battery life than standard GPS only devices. Depending on the number of locations updates you want to have daily, the battery life can be up to 4 months.

  • Gives peace of mind – keep track of people and stuff, worldwide. Private and Business use.iTraq aan rugzak - track personen of voertuigen
  • Extra long battery life – up to 4 months.
  • Has sensors to detect movement, fall and temperature. Get a push notification when movement or fall is detected or a temperature level was reached.
  • Worldwide coverage – follow your stuff abroad with the pre-installed SIM card (standard coverage worldwide, no extra costs).
  • Accurate positioning – two techniques: GPS and WiFi positioning.
  • Works indoors – connects with WiFi networks and the GSM network (Cell-ID). This is an important advantage over standard GPS trackers.
  • Powerful app – manage and follow your iTraq3 with your phone; share you iTraq3 with others. Alternatively there is a PC web interface to easily check all the positioning information and follow things and people or make your settings. In the app you can also see all positioning history.
  • Configure as you wish – make settings for your operation purpose: guard zone, activate sensors (more info: ‘How  iTraq3 works’).
  • Low costs in use – build in SIM card – per month ($5,30 or $4 for 2 or more units) or cheaper payment per year ($53 or $40 for 2 or more units), no extra costs when using abroad. First month no costs. Payment via the app, directly to the manufacturer of iTraq3.
  • Charge with a standard phone (micro USB) charger.

Private use:

  • Keep track of our stuff: car, caravan, boat, bike, luggage.
  • Keep track of people (get a notification when someone leaves a pre-determined are or when someone is moving around) for example with dementia and Alzheimer.

Business use:

  • Keep track of assets in use or when shipped. Also works when items are stored indoors. Detect movements or when something leaves a certain area.

How iTraq3 works

  • [Guard mode] get a notification when iTraq3 enters of leaves a pre determined circle (0.1 to 8.7 km).
  • [Schedule] set the number of location updates : 10 / 20 / 30 min, 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 hours, fixed times, your own schedule (time frames with your own schedule within that time frame). Battery life is less when update frequency is higher. Between updates iTraq3 is in sleeping mode to save energy (when  sensors are disabled). If you want to change the update frequency, it will become active the next time an update is scheduled.
  • [Sensors] a notification can be send when iTraq3 detects movement or a fall. Also temperature can be a trigger for a notication.
  • [Device mode] choose between ‘Regular’ (best location performance, high energy use) or ‘Battery Saving’ (can be less accurate but results in a longer battery life).
  • [Shared with] Share your iTraq3. The people you share with get the location updates but can not change settings.

What can you see in the app:
– All the location updates on a map and the time (the map can also be a satellite map).
– Battery status (low battery notification).
– Calendar: look back in time where your iTraq3 was a a certain day and time (also available via the pc interface).
– In the bottom of the screen you can browse throuh the location updates. If you select a time you can see which positioning technique has been used.

Read through the detailed manual

Customer review
We have hired the iTraq for our daughter to take on a trip of a month to Zanzibar for volunteer work. She had the iTraq in her backpack. To be able to track her in case of emergency, we set the location updates to 3 hours. The battery lasted the whole month. Via WiFi and GPS location updates we could follow her tracks in Zanzibar from our home in The Netherlands. When GPS and WiFi were not possible, the location information was less accurate but we could see an approximate location of the area iTraq was in. All together this gave peace of mind that we could track our daughter in case of emergency


  • iPhone and Android app and a webbrowser interface (API for business use). No limitations to the number of iTraqs to link to the app.
  • Weight: 55 gram
  • Dimensions: 99 x 56 x 8 mm
  • Certification: CE and FCC
  • Battery 3.7V Li-Ion 1200 mAh.
  • Indication battery lifetime: every 10 minutes an update: 7 days; every hour: 40 days, every day: 4 months. You can make a schedule to not get any reports during the nights and during the day every 10 minutes; in this way you can exceed the 7 days battery life when using the highest update frequency.
  • Maximum update frequency: 24 hours.
  • Temperature in use between 0 and 45 degrees Celcius. Storage temperature between -20 en 60 degrees Celcius.
  • GSM coverage is necessary to receive location updates (via the built-in SIM card). Works with 2G and 3G (850/900/1800/1900).
  • iTraq3 can detect 802.11 b/g/n WiFi networks.
  • Worldwide coverage: works in all counties with a GSM network. In Japan and Korea, there is no GSM network.
  • Subscription (no limit in number of updates) monthly or yearly (discount). You can extend the subscription via the app, price in dollars.
  • GSM and WiFi accuracy: 3 – 30 meters, Cell-ID accuracy several hundred meters up to kilometers depending on GSM mast density.
  • Dirt and water-resistance: IP55