Chipolo card Bluetooth tracker with Findercode (Dutch + English)

A small and thin Chipolo, ideal for your wallet. Only 2.15 mm thick and 68 x 37 mm small. Range is a circle of 20 to 30 meters around your phone (a search area of 40 to 60 meters wide). The Chipolo card has a Findercode (Dutch + English). Bulk price: 2 = € 33,- p/p | 3 = € 32,- p/p | 4 or more = € 30,- p/p. Read the full product information below.



Chipolo card in portemonnee

The Chipolo card is thin en rectangular and has the same working principe as a normal Chipolo. Therefor check the product information of Chipolo Classic and Plus. Ideal for a wallet.

To be able to create a device this thin, a custom made battery is used. Therefor the battery can not be changed by the user. The battery life is one year and there is a renewal program. The card is water resistant (IPX5).

The Chipolo card contains a Findercode (Dutch + English). There are no subscription costs.

The renewal program works via the app:

  1. You get a notification that the Chipolo card has to be replaced and you receive a discount code.
  2. Order a new Chipolo card and link it to the app and remove the device that will be replaced.
  3. The new Chipolo card has a return envelop to send the old Chipolo free of charge to the Chipolo manufacturer.
  4. The cost is € 17,50.


  • Alarm volume: 95 dB
  • Thick 2,15 mm (half the size of a Classic or Plus)
  • Length 68 mm, width 37 mm
  • Range: a circle of 20 to 30 meters around your phone because Bluetooth works in a circle. Without disruption (walls, ceilings, WiFi or Bluetooth signals) the working range will be more (in ideal situations 100 meter was reached). The range is therefor effective enough in practise. The greater the distance, the longer it takes before a connection is established.
  • Battery life: 12 months
  • Check the Chipolo manual.
  • Apple app store: Apple iOS Chipolo app.
  • Google Play: Android Chipolo app.