For companies

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For companies we offer a variety of options to buy or use the products and services.

Give something special to your customers or integrate our products to give your product more value.

DearFinder service

  • Offer the products with a findercode as a business gift. On one side your logo, on the other side the DearFinder service (Findercode). You can offer a package with Chipolo, stickersheet and key chain to your employees, customers or clients.
  • Use the DearFinder platform for your own products. Print, stick or hang a Findercode on your products and give the owner an extra service. Examples: key chain, bagage label, a label in an expensive bag or coat and provide more assurance.
  • Custom made: we can also offer different sticker sheet variants with for example consecutive numbers for every employee a personal code.


  • Buy quantities of Chipolo’s at a discount.
  • Manage your keys or other items. With the Chipolo you can keep track of many items at the same time through an web interface. You can link multiple Chipolo’s to one account and share them with employees to create a search network. The last location of the Chipolo will be available then. You can save the high costs of replacing items.
  • Integrate the Chipolo technique in you own product. Or sell a Chipolo with you valuable product.


  • Track people and products. For example to investigate your logistic chain, to keep track of valuable items you ship to your customer. The customer can return the iTraq3 back to you after receiving the shipment.
  • Keep track of people with Alzheimer or Dementia.
  • Integrate the iTraq3 technique in your own product. Or sell an iTraq3 with you valuable product.

Other ideas? Let me know!