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With the short description below you get an overview of the DearFinder products. At the bottom of the page you can select a product for detailed information and ordering. Some products have discount prices when you buy more units.

Sticker with Findercode English only

Sticker with Findercode Dutch + English

Sticker sheet: Stick a sticker with Findercode on all items you take with you but don’t want to loose. Some things are expensive and/or hard to replace. Cards, USB sticks, phone,… A cheap but effective solution (just € 0,35 per sticker). There are no subscription costs. There are two different sheets: Dutch + English (48 of 2 x 4 cm and 12 smaller (1 x 3,4 cm) Dutch and 12 English stickers) and English only (50 of 1,5 x 4 cm and 28 smaller stickers of 1 x 3,4 cm.  All stickers on a sheet have the same Findercode that is linked to your phone number and email address automatically when the order is processed. Optionally you can add your own additional code to the printed code to direct to other phone number and email addresses. So you can use one sticker sheet for the whole family.

Keychain with Findercode Dutch + English DearFinder.helpKey chain: hang a key chain with Findercode (Dutch + English) on your key chain bag / suitcase / backpack. No subscription costs. Smart, because replacement of keys is expensive (especially changing a lock) and time consuming).


Chipolo with Findercode Dutch + English DearFinder.helpChipolo and Chipolo Card: Bluetooh + Findercode (Dutch + English or English only). This product offers the ideal combination! In a hurry  but you can’t find your keys? This is the solution! Range: a radius of 20-30 meter around the phone it is connected to (in total 40-60 meter search range around your phone). Walls and floors limit the search range. In practice this is enough to find you items back. The App is packed with features (e.g. share Chipolo with others, ring you Chipolo, last contact location, notification when item is connected again, ring your phone). And when found he Findercode can be used. Chipolo card is small and ultra thin Chipolo variant for the use in a wallet. No subscription costs. There are many Bluetooth trackers in the market, in different versions and qualities. Chipolo differentiates itself as a very reliable and well performing tracker (on the Support page in the section Frequently asked questions, there is additional information about the Chipolo performance including some YouTube videos with independent tests).

iTraq3 Wifi and GPS tracker DearFinder.helpiTraq3: GPS, WiFi and Cell-ID. Unique as it also had indoor coverage through WiFi location technique. It has worldwide coverage via the build-in SIM card. The battery life is extremely long.  App with many features (very accurate position information both indoor and outdoor, motion sensor, safe zone).  It is used to track valuables like cars and motors but more and more for people with Alzheimer and dementia. There are monthly subscription costs for the SIM that communicates the position information (flat fee, independent of location in the world).

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Showing all 4 results