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Don’t worry about lost items

DearFinder.help logoDearFinder helps you to retrieve your lost item yourself, or to get it back through an honest finder. Find stuff back yourself with techniques like a Bluetooth or GPS tracker. But technique has it limitations (battery down, broken, out of range) so the help of an honest finder is also important and therefore the products have a unique code (Findercode). This smart combination helps you to find back, but also to get back. Losing your keys or wallet and arranging replacements is expensive and time consuming; you can prevent this with the products of DearFinder.

On average you spend 10 minutes a day searching. 75% of the search time is in your house! In a hurry in the morning and you can’t find your keys? The solution is the Chipolo Bluetooth tracker that connects via Bluetooth to your mobile. But you can not have a tracker on all your items so we have stickers with a Findercode to stick on your items (debit card, ID, phone). And as a cheap alternative a key chain with Findercode for your bag, backpack or keys. All products are available bilingual (Dutch – English) and the sticker sheet also in English only (Dutch sticker can be removed from the Chipolo to make it English only).

Chipolo with Findercode Chipolo with Findercode DearFinder.help   Sticker  Sticker with Findercode DearFinder.help  Key chain  Keychain with Findercode DearFinder.help

As you can see on the images, the instruction for the finder is clear. Visit the website on a mobile phone and you will be directly on the page to fill out the form. The finder enters the code and additional information. The owner immediately receives a notification SMS (via Whatsapp in the future) and an email with all the information to know where and how to retrieve your item. The are no subscription costs for this service.

To make the concept work internationally a visitor outside of The Netherlands and Belgium are directed to this English version of the website. The website has two names: www.DearFinder.help and www.BesteVinder.help.

Searching is time consuming and frustrating. The costs of losing stuff can be high (key with certificate € 40, carkey € 100 – 200, passport € 60, ID card € 30 – 50, wallet with cards € 130). This is without the time you have to spend to arrange replacements. This can easily be prevented with the product and services from DearFinder.

In Holland the police doesn’t collect items that are found. The local Municipality has that responsibility. How many people will do the effort to bring it to a certain location? With the DearFinder service, the finder directly contacts the owner. No effort at all. Be aware that when you lose your ID card or passport and it is handed over to the municipality, you will not get it back so you have to buy a new one. With a sticker on it, you can prevent this.